Supreme Knight
Carl A. Anderson

Reading 1031 Council Officers
2019-2020 Roster

    Name and Contact Information
Grand Knight   Bob Baynes
Past Grand
  Richard Coco PGK
Chaplain   Fr. Stephen Rock
Deputy Grand
  John Rodrigues
Chancellor   David Costa
Recorder   Steve Kintigos
Financial Secretary   Tom Cappuccio PGK
Treasurer   John Firenze
Assistant Treasurer   Frank Andrews
The Advocate   Alan Beaulieu
Warden   Jason Surette
Inside Guard   Justin Colella
Outside Guard   Ron Petrin
Trustee 1Yr   Dominic Cacciapuoti
Trustee 2Yr   Jim O’Leary
Trustee 3Yr   Richard Coco PGK
District Deputy   Charles DeMoss
Lecturer   Brian Nowicki

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